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05 February 2011 @ 04:50 am
since i saw my beloveds. had SO MUCH fun. cried alot, almost an ocean. enjoyed myself to the max.

everything about the concert are etched in my mind. ♥♥♥♥

the effects are still there. memories and feelings are still as fresh as the day itself.

i miss them. alot. ♥

bb has awesome powerful voice. ♥ really, really, really, love it.

i still get goosebumps when i listen to kyu singing 心不了情.

i still have the urge to cry when i listen to bb's it has to be you live.

i feel the urge to dry hump (INSIDE JOKE) with my girls when bonamana is playing.

i feel like crying whenever i see kangin on shows.


what astrid said was right.

-> "you cry you laugh you smile you have fun with them."

you really do. :'D

the only thing i ever regretted not doing was not getting the tickets for the 2nd show. i really do. i miss the fun. til the point I AM STILL HAVING WITHDRAWALS NOW!

the urge of wanting to spazz whenever is unbearable. but i haz to control. :/

i miss the concert. i miss the boys. i miss the perfs. i miss the atmosphere. i miss anything and everything about ss3. all of it.

15 + 3 = e.l.f.

leeteukheechulhankyungyesungkanginshindongsungmineunhyukdonghaesiwonryeowookkibumkyuhyunzhoumihenry. ♥

concert intros:

8 Chawon (8-D) Adonis from Mont-Mart, 희철
Fighting with a horse, not with a cow, a bullfighter, 시원
The secret of Pharaoh is hidden in the computer game, 규현
Shooting an arrow to save the ppl, the son of Indian, 예성
I will let Snakes dance with my voice, 려욱
Kill the spicy with sweet pumpkin Sancho 성민
Catchin only anchovies in the world, a good looking Amazon tribe, 은혁
I am the one who protect Buckingham Palace, 동해
I will build the Great Wall with dumplings, 신동
Made tons of money from the Teuk Academy, Prince of Dubai, 이특

so precious, all of them.


^always doing so.
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26 September 2010 @ 07:05 pm

apparently a small piece of nugget is enough to starve a young girl to death.

because the parents were actually willing to argue with me, more of the female dog actually. over one. she was arguing as if, without that nugget, the daughter will actually really die.

why bother, really.

its just a fucking piece of nugget. there are two macdonalds near carlton, why not just get them from there? You can even get the kids meal for her if you are really afraid that she will die. Its cheap you know.

i dont think im wrong. at all. im merely following orders given down by my in-charge who got the instructions from the fucking ORGANISERS. They said, not to allow anyone to take the food yet, because it isnt time for coffee break yet. aw, but as you can see, the parents were afraid of their daughter starving to death and apparently if the little girl didnt have a nugget within the next few minutes, she will die.

oh wow, that's a special case. dying due to lack of nugget in 3mins. its a great chance to be on the headlines!

why not just put a ring of bread around her neck and replace with a new one if shes done with the one on her neck? so she wont starve and at the same time, she is saving herself. you should do it.


im just a part-timer. an employee. im really sorry that im not FLEXIBLE enough to let you have one just so your daughter may survive. im just doing my job. what im paid for. why should i even let you have your way when:

1. you are not my superior.

2. you are too dumb to be the parent of your children.

even if its just work, I don’t fucking deserve to get treated like this by you. You are just a mentally challenged lady who’s just happened to be married to some greedy useless guy who probably just impregnated you because no one else wants him, and you too. Oh trust me, if I see you outside when im not working, I will definitely shame you in public. Take my words.

besides if i let you have that one piece of nugget, im very sure other parents would want them as well. Why cant you think what will happen next?  If I keep allowing you all to take the food as and when you pleased, im sure there will not be enough let when its time for the coffee break. Is waiting just for a few minutes really that hard? Have your tried hours? If no, shut your trap.


not happy? speak to my in-charge. afterall i was just passing down the message. why are you so afraid anyway? getting all agitated when i mentioned to get her to talk to you instead. oh gosh. since you said im not flexible. so why not you talk to my in-charge? she might be flexible enough to let you have that one piece of nugget.


what a joke. why afraid when you are not in the wrong? but actually, in this case, you are. as you already knew that you CANNOT take until its time for the coffee break? like seriously, WHY????


I know you are mentally challenged. Don’t keep showing me that. I don’t and won’t feel sorry for you at all.


BUT I’m so sorry. Even if you are really looking forward to meeting my in-charge, she wasn’t even be FREE for you. Really sorry. Awwww too bad really. Since no one will be there to cool you down and compensate you just because I angered you. AW. Really even my in-charge is one my side. Sucker.


everyone there paid the same amount, i assumed, for the very same event. so IF they can wait, why cant you? is it really so hard for you to wait? ITS ONLY JUST A FEW MINUTES. Less than 5 even. if so, why not just prepare some snacks if the waiting gets too long for you? just fucking use your brain. or maybe its just there for decorations. not that anyone could see it.


Flexibility? I want to see you try that. IF im not flexible just because I wont let you have that one piece of nugget, why cant YOU be flexible enough and just fucking wait for a few more minutes? If you cant do it, why should i? im not getting my pay from you.

So what if the other children have got nuggets and your daughter doesnt?? Is it even my problem? Sorry, nope. Not at all. I was busy with other chores IM PAID FOR, before even stopping you inconsiderate inflexible parent from taking the food for the coffee break. Why kept repeating “but other kids over there have got nuggets” and “flexible”. You will just make me even piss and talk to you with a tone without respect. Oh not that a slutwhore like you needed any. Since your tone wasn’t that good in the first place.


And dear organisers of OCBC, you were the fucking idiots who indirectly gave me the instructions, why changed it just because ONE parent wasn’t happy with it? FUCKING STICK TO YOUR PRINCIPLES CAN YOU? Or maybe you don’t have any at all. Your dress sense was kinda yucky as well. It’s a good thing you KNEW that it was just a fucking minor problem, so why cant you cool down that mentally challenged lady yourself since it was your fault that sometime like this happened?


Useless people.


24 September 2010 @ 03:18 am
holidays just started. like a few days ago.

exams were okay..... i guess, but i think i screwed up some papers. hopefully not that bad. hahahahah


i'm hungry. in the middle of the night :/

okay so ive been working at u.d.d.e.r.s. the one at novena. hoho snacking on ice creams and pretty much having chicken rice for meals everyday. yum love ballsey mints and cookies and cream ;D sooo i met new pplz and learned new things.


and i kenna burnt today during work. now there's a red semi-circle mark arm. no thanks to that #(*@^$&*#$ waffle machine. a big semi-circle.

i have cravings for chompchomp. going with wong, sasa and lalala. maybe fennie as well. sunday sunday faster come!

maybe i should drag wong there tmr after work. because the craving is overwhelming.

i miss monkeybrainzsj. i miss yee. i miss.. idk. this holiday aint that awesome. all my besties are away from me. what the shit.


i just saw someone selling goong musical ticket for usd 1200. i think the seller is super retarded, like who the hell will buy something THAT expensive. that price is fucking expensive man. the musical isnt even worth that price at all! hundreds maybe yes but thousand???? what the fuck man hahahah

cant wait til sj is back, so we can go kbox, go shopping, go makan, go for kpop night :D

clarence is funny - welcome to ooders.

i hope i get to work with some others soon, like feon, mitchy, fish and clarence. i miss feon that stalker. and mitchy who is a fellow jonghoon fan. fish, the guy who said he has a fb and he's not some introvert guy or smth and clarence the guy who is always hyper, even during middle of the night.  AHAH :D and i hope liyana comes back soon :( bana-na is damn mean for calling me mulan. now everyone is doing so. kinda annoying some times :x

okay im going to shower and go to bed. im working at 11 tmr. with sandy mama and teddy. sigh boring. hope wong comes find me asap so there's someone to talk to me. if not it will be a stoning day :/

new song by 슈주. not bad. like it.

FYI. moomoo is the name of the water dispenser at ooders :P

to some specific people who might be reading or maybe even not, i hate how you talk to me only when you want it. like, only you can talk to me while i cant to you. or when i ha vent even start complaining or what and you accused me of venting my angers on you. oh please, i wonder who's always the one listening to you bitch, or worse, being the the target for you to vent your anger. dont think too much of yourself you know. i will just ignore you :) since that's what i AM doing now. i can do so much better without, supposingly friends, like you. just go fucking kill yourself. the world might, not will, be an even better place without you around. but i dont think it will make much difference since its not significant enough.

wanna know who? ask. depending on who you are, i might tell you. hoho

HMMM i need new clothes - hoodies, leggings, shorts etc. shoes as well. and also bags. sighhhhhh
can i just hope that my parents strike the lottery or something? just a few hundreds will do, if possible O:
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01 September 2010 @ 03:34 am

on a side note: fuck rwp really.
on the bright side, i'm almost done with it.


NIEL is the cutest boy ever.

and he's a dongsaeng.


changjo is kinda cute as well. >W<

and hi there chunji. HAHAH

his real name is jonghyun as well. HAHA oh my love for the jonghyunS

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25 August 2010 @ 09:48 pm

Korean Pop Night Concert 2010


and now i cant do my report because i'm busy spazzing with horangie. it scares me to know how byeontae we are. hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhhhahahaha.

maybe i can get daddy to pay for like half the price, hopefully it isnt that expensive. i still need him for ss3 next year. D:
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25 August 2010 @ 03:39 am
i thought an update once in a very long while is needed. so here i am.




and rwp should just go fuck itself. it's making my life hellish at night. bahhhhhh
01 August 2010 @ 03:06 am

Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd!

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups
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01 August 2010 @ 03:00 am

Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd!

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups
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20 July 2010 @ 10:33 pm

fuckin' awesome.

'nuff said.
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07 July 2010 @ 09:35 pm
BECAUSE MY DARLING YEE IS SUCH AN EMO PIECE OF SHIT NOW.  I'm going to cheer her up, somehow.

i swear i give her the best treatments (among all my friends).
yes i made it huge on purpose.

okay yee,

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